New initiatives keep Perth Airport Covid-safe

16 June, 2021
Perth Airport has continued to roll out new Covid-safe initiatives and practices through its car parks and terminals to keep passengers and workers safe.

Perth Airport was the first Australian airport to be awarded an international “Airport Health Accreditation” which recognised that the Covid-safe processes and measures that were implemented are robust and world class.

This accreditation included critical areas such as cleaning and disinfection, passenger flows, security screening, physical distancing and emergency processes. 

Perth Airport Chief Commercial Officer Kate Holsgrove said the community and the travelling public expect to see continuous improvement in the way airports deal with Covid. 

“Western Australia has done an amazing job at keeping Covid-19 at bay and ensuring our community remains safe,” Ms Holsgrove said. 

“But as the recent lockdown in Victoria has shown, we can’t afford to become complacent. 

“Our team moved quickly at the outbreak of the pandemic to completely review all of our practices and the customer journey from car parks through our terminals and on to their flights, and the reverse trip for arriving passengers. 

“We put the necessary measures in place to improve safety but that doesn’t mean our work is finished. 

“We have now gone even further with new initiatives such as installing antimicrobial protective vinyl film on all the high contact surfaces such as handrails and seat rests on our fleet of transfer passenger buses.” 

“The silver ions within the vinyl provides antimicrobial protection which impedes and neutralises the growth of harmful microbes on a surface reducing 99.9 percent of bacteria. 

“We have also looked to reduce contact points at our retail outlets and in our car parks. 

“Our new wave technology allows motorists to now enter our car parks without having to touch the entry/exit and pay machines. 

“There was also significant preparation to ensure the safety of passengers and staff when we launched the first international travel bubble with New Zealand.” 

Perth Airport has also worked with Amcal to offer TRAVELsafe Essentials packs for passengers who may want to purchase additional supplies The packs include surgical masks, anti-bacterial surface wipes, hand sanitiser and tissues to help keep you safe on your travels and are available in store and in dedicated vending machines on the forecourts. 

“Our goal is to keep the community safe from COVID-19 and the work that we have done will give governments, airlines and passengers greater confidence that air travel will be Covid-safe,” Ms Holsgrove said 

“And we’ll keep building that confidence by working closely with the Australian and WA Governments and authorities to ensure our airport processes meet their standards and make sure that we are keeping pace with best practice measures,”

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