Carparks get green light

15 November, 2021
Perth Airport has given the green light for construction to begin on the airport’s first multi-storey car park in front of its Terminal 1 building.

The project is part of a broader vision to provide more efficient access to the terminal and which ultimately could deliver two multi-storey carparks.

The two stages would see almost $370million invested into the local economy, creating almost 800 construction jobs.

Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown says the project will transform the way people access the airport by road.

“The project will see the new facilities become the main pick-up and drop-off point for the terminals, replacing the forecourt road which at peak times is experiencing congestion,” Mr Brown said.

“There will be no charge for those motorists who move through the carparks for a quick drop-off or pick-up.

“The car park will also create a new interchange for rideshare, taxi and buses to pick-up and drop-off.

“The six-storey carparks will also increase parking capacity close to the terminals, which is the preference for many travellers and will help our airline partners continue to grow their businesses.

“The carparks will also provide customers the option of undercover parking and Electric Vehicle recharge points at Terminal 1 for the first time.

“The additional capacity is also critical to supporting future growth of the fly-in fly-out workforce by improving access and egress at Terminal 2, and alleviating bottlenecks experienced at peak periods.

“The long-term plan sees two multi-storey carparks located within the existing Short Term car park. The first multi-storey car park will be to the west end and will be linked to the Skybridge, which will provide a covered walkway to the terminal.

“Like any road project, there will be some short-term inconvenience but the long-term benefits for travellers, airline partners and businesses that use the airport will be enormous.

“We are already well advanced in our planning and will be working to ensure the construction phase has the smallest possible impact on passengers and motorists.

Mr Brown said a decision on the second multi-storey carpark would be made after the completion of the construction of the first.

Design work for the ground transport project is currently underway with construction on Stage 1 to start late 2022. Stage 1 includes the delivery of the first multi-storey car park and associated road realignment works.


The long-term project includes two Multi Modal Transport Interchanges (MMTIs) which will provide at grade passenger drop off and pick up facilities and multi storey car parks in proximity to the current T1 International, T1 Domestic and T2.

This development will provide an increased number of new, covered parking facilities near the terminal forecourt and will result in an improved user experience for airline passengers arriving or departing in rental cars, buses, taxis or rideshare.

Perth Airport forecasts that by 2038, annual passenger numbers will increase to 26.8 million, and annual aircraft movements will grow to approximately 192,000 movements.

The State Government anticipates that the number of people living in the Perth region will increase from just under 2.4 million today to between 3.5-4.6 million by 2050.

The upgrade would ensure Perth Airport provides the necessary infrastructure to cater for predicted passenger growth and support consolidation, while maintaining optimum levels of service for passengers.

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