Perth Airport to improve jet fuel supply access

09 August, 2023
Following a significant review of aviation fuel supply and the jet fuel facilities on the airport estate, from 8 August 2023, Perth Airport will take ownership of the main jet fuel storage and distribution infrastructure facilities (“JFI”) on the estate.

The jet fuel facilities include three 2.2Mlt fuel storage tanks and approximately 6km of hydrant systems comprising 125 aircraft refuelling hydrants.

Perth Airport has appointed BP Australia Pty Ltd, a global leader in aviation fuelling services, to operate and maintain the JFI Facilities.

Perth Airport’s Acting CEO, Kate Holsgrove, said this acquisition, together with capital investment by the airport into additional jet fuel infrastructure, will enable an improved open access regime to increase competition amongst existing and new fuel suppliers, and improve jet fuel security of supply into Perth.

“Under new ownership, existing suppliers will continue to utilise the jet fuel facilities to supply, store and deliver fuel to their airline customers. Airport ownership is also the first step for other providers to be able to utilise the infrastructure in the future.

“We will be looking at developing a road bridger facility to enable existing and new suppliers to establish additional supply chains to the airport. 

“This will open the supply chain, improve security of supply to the airport and enable true open access.

“For Perth Airport, ownership of the assets will also progress strategic aims of supporting airport growth and preparing for the introduction of future fuels in aviation such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

“We want to have the autonomy to accommodate timely and effective expansion of airport infrastructure to support the growth of aviation when it is required.

Collectively, these activities foster
competition and ultimately drive lower fuel prices, which in turn supports our airline partners and benefits the Western Australian economy in many areas including export, mining, and tourism sectors.

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