Precinct map

Precinct Map

Airport South Precinct

Precinct Airport South

Airport South reflects the existing character and use as a mixed employment centre of Perth Airport. Its current use is being merged with new developments that accomodate all light industry, with a particular focus towards logistics and distribution facilities.

Airport West Precinct

Precinct Airport west

Airport West Office Park is a thriving business hub with a total floor space of over 30,000 m2.

All office buildings have been designed to "A" grade suburban standard, with formal accreditation for environmentally sustainable design.  

Previously constrained by a lack of road access, Airport West now benefits from brand new access roads at the Dunreath Drive and Tonkin Highway interchange, delivered as part of the Gateway WA project. This has created an opportunity for an area of approximately 28 hectares of land to be primed for retail development, forming the Airport West Retail Park. There is potential for large scale destination retail, hotel or serviced apartments with complimentary convenience offers. The recently announced Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) will also sit within the Airport West Retail Park.

Airport West is also home to Terminals 3 and 4, and provides a range of complimentary non-aviation commercial development and amenity to support the needs of the general aviation sector.

The rate of commercial development in this precinct depends upon the land required for aviation purposes and the market for suburban office facilities.

Airport Central Precinct

Precinct Airport Central

Provides integrated passenger terminal and associated ground transport and airport service facilities that meet the changing needs of airlines and other aviation support companies providing services in the precinct, and of the travelling public.

The current and planned facilities within this precinct include:

- Perth Airport's first hotel accommodation
- commercial facilities such as offices and retail
- support services and utilities including waste and central energy plant facilities
- industrial tenancies
- aviation support facilities including catering, office accommodation, airport administration, international air freight operations and fuel storage.

Airfield Precinct

Airfield precinct

Provides for and protects the ultimate aviation capacity of the airport, including the development of all runways, taxiways and associated aviation infrastructure, while managing the environmental and cultural values of the area.

Airport North Precinct

Precinct North

Airport North will be developed as an integrated mix of industrial, commercial, warehouse, showroom, storage and logistics land uses.

The precinct south of Kalamunda Road is to undergo detailed planning and sites are expected to be available for development in 2019. Development will commence once the area is serviced by a new access road off Kalamunda Road.