Operational Procedures

Resources for operators
Perth Airport's Conditions for Use include the terms, conditions and charges for aircraft operating at Perth Airport. These Conditions of Use apply to all aircraft operators who have not entered into a separate agreement with Perth Airport Pty Ltd.

The Airport Operating Protocol applies to all users operating at Perth Airport and includes the detailed conditions and procedures to support the safe, secure, efficient and legally compliant operation of the airport. The Airport Operating Protocol has been structured to allow existing documents such as the Airport Emergency Plan and Airport Operating Standards to be directly referenced. All users of Perth Airport’s services or facilities will be expected to abide by the Airport Operating Protocol and associated Airport Operating Standards.

Information on driving airside and the Airside Vehicle Control Handbook can be found at Airside Driving.

Airport Operating Standards (AOS) provides operational detail on a variety of topics to ensure best practice is undertaken around the airport.  Each AOS is considered by a relevant committee or working group prior to release, and their content is intended for use by all airport workers.  A great tool to add to your staff training program.

Ops Advice is an information-only SMS and email message issued by the Airport Control Centre when they have been advised of a disruption to services that may affect operations and customers. Click here for information on Ops Advice and how to register.

For charter/private, freighter, medivac, military, positioning/ferry and itinerant aircraft, an Aircraft Handling Advice must be submitted.  Failure to submit may result in denial of impromptu parking requests.  All itinerant aircraft are required to appoint a suitable ground handler. It is the aircraft operator’s responsibility to liaise solely with the ground handler, some who have aircraft parking available and can facilitate limited power in and power out operations. Charges may apply.
For changes to existing or new airside line markings on leased or common aprons, an Airside Line Marking Request must be submitted. Refer to Airside Line Marking Requirements Airport Operating Standard (AOS017) below for further information on what is to be included in the request. Note an application fee is charged.   
For crane and plant activities affecting airspace in the vicinity of Perth Airport, click here.

The terms and conditions for use of Common Use Service and Common User Terminal Equipment at Perth Airport can be found here.

Airport Operating Standards

AOS’s are best printed as A5 booklets. Whilst each printer set-up is different, select colour printing in booklet mode (or equivalent) with printing output page as A4 size.