Hidden Disabilities

Hidden disabilities lanyard and wristband

Hidden Disabilities

At Perth Airport, we understand that travelling can be stressful, particularly if you have a hidden disability that isn't immediately apparent to airport staff.

That's why we have implemented the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program.

What is the Hidden Disabilities sunflower?

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program started at Gatwick Airport in 2016. The team at Gatwick recognised that passengers with hidden disabilities may need extra support or assistance when travelling, but in a busy airport environment, it was difficult to identify who those customers were.

The team came up with the Sunflower lanyard as a way for those customers to subtly identify themselves to airport staff, and since then, it has become a global symbol, recognised at airports all over the world.

Perth Airport is proud to be part of the program.

What does wearing the sunflower lanyard mean?

The Sunflower lanyard acts as a subtle way of identifying to staff that you have a hidden disability. 

Wearing the lanyard does not exempt you from normal airport processes like security screening or passport control.

The Perth Airport team have been trained to recognise the lanyard and how to best provide the assistance and support customers may need. If you need any assistance or support when you're at the airport, look for staff wearing their white "I support the sunflower" badges. They'll be looking out for you too!

Please note that the Sunflower lanyard does not provide a personal staff escort through the airport process. If you need this level of assistance, please contact your airline and make them aware of your requirements, as they are best placed to assist you.

Do I have to pay for the lanyard?

No, the lanyards and wristbands are absolutely free!

What is a Hidden Disability?

Not all disabilities are visible, and some are not immediately obvious - hence the term "hidden disability".

It's important to remember that just because we might not be able to see these hidden disabilities, it doesn't mean they're not there.

For more information, please visit the Hidden Disabilities website.

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How to get your lanyard

If you or a loved one has a hidden disability, you can request a Sunflower lanyard or wristband via the form below to wear through the airport as a discreet way to indicate to our team that you may need a little extra help, guidance or time with airport processes.

Perth Airport is offering both lanyards and wristbands to customers, although we do recommend the lanyard as it tends to be more visible to staff during busy periods.

Packs will be posted within 10 business days, so please ensure you allow enough time before your intended date of travel when applying for your lanyard or wristband.

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